Collapse Show info

Kristina was born and raised in Evanston, IL. She has been drawn to photography her entire life and exposed to the process through family, school and a personal desire to teach herself.  Kristina attended The University of Vermont studying Photography, Psychology, Theatrical Make-Up and Design.  She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Art & Design and a minor in Darkroom Photography and Art History.

Kristina is drawn to the intimate details in nature and walks often in the woods to photograph nature as the seasons change. Her photographs focus on brilliant color, texture and designs found in earth, water and various forms of vegetation and natural elements. Kristina’s photographs represent not only design and detail found in nature but they commemorate also her commitment to conserving the environment.

Inspired by painter Robert Bateman’s conservation ideals, Kristina is dedicated to photographing nature in its purest form as a way to memorialize its natural beauty. Kristina photographs where ever she travels and strives to capture the intricate beauty of natural settings in different regions of the world.

The eight images displayed are abstract nature shots that capture the beautiful color and distinct texture of the season.